Good on Paper

During the time of the “First One” my girlfriend was trying to convince me to go out with this great guy she knew. It was too soon and I was still wrapped up in the “First One”.

After some time and coaxing, I said yes and let her set me up.  He was a single dad, good job, educated and according to her, nice, good looking and funny.  We began texting and talking on the phone.  We planned our first date, which he insisted on picking me up at my house (either gentleman like or stalkerish) Ha Ha.  He arrived with flowers and a stuffed animal for Savanna.  It was actually very sweet.  We went bowling and played video games. It was casual and fun!  We talked about our past, our kids, our likes, dislikes, etc…typical first date type stuff.  He was cute, easy to talk to and funny.

This led to a second date.  He picked me up again and we went out for dinner and drinks.  Another fun night, but I was not sure “it” was there for me.  That chemistry…that can’t get enough, want to kiss this person all night feeling.  He liked me, he was interested and he was kind.   He was great on paper though, so I wanted “it” to be there.

The third date was a concert with a group of friends.  The concert was fun and he was attentive, affectionate…doting.  The things you want and look for…problem is, my mind was on the “first one”…wishing he was here with me.  That is when I knew, “it” was not there for me.  This guy was good on paper, in fact great on paper, but not the one for me.

“The key to a successful relationship is to be with someone who wants you just as much as you want them.”