Mrs. Robinson

My best friend and I went to a wedding, our gay friend’s wedding (the only reason I mention that our friends are gay is because I would not expect to meet many straight single men at their wedding).  It was such a special evening and so much fun, filled with laughter, love, drinking and so much dancing!

Towards the end of the night a guy (young and handsome) approached me and asked me to dance.  We danced and chatted and hung out for the remainder of the evening.  When it was time to say our goodbyes; we did…as if the plane was going down…making out like crazy.  My best friend tried to convince me to stay with him, but I refused (what the heck was I going to do with this young lad?!) HA HA

When I say young, I mean twenty something, but young twenty something…definitely an age difference.

The next day, my best friend tells me she wants to get a hold of this guy for me and I tell her no, and having to explain to her why (young age, what would I do with him…etc). I never thought I would see him again…

A few months later at that wedding couple’s going away party, I spot a guy who looks familiar…it is him.  At first we did not put two and two together of who we were, but once we did…

He wanted my phone number, wanted to take me out, asked questions like he was someone who was interested in me…and all I could think, was what would we talk about; what would we have in common (he probably has more in common with my daughter); where we would go out…etc. I ended up giving him my number letting him know my single mom status and scheduling challenges, to which he said, with such energy and enthusiasm “its ok, we will figure it out”.

He began texting me the next day.  The texts were general, surface stuff and went on for a while.  Once he asked me out though, I kindly told him I was not interested.  He did not seem to understand why and although I am sure he would have been fun to hang out with, I was not interested in being Mrs. Robinson (who by the way, he had never heard of)…case in point.