Stinky Feet

I have to admit my daughter has stinky feet. Stinky, like nothing I have ever smelled before (I probably said that the first time I smelled her poop)! I equated the stinky feet to socks and tennis shoes, but now that it is getting warmer, she is wearing sandals and the stinky feet are still there.

She knows she has stinky feet and thinks its hysterical!  She walks around the house and says “stinky feet, stinky feet, stinky feet”, like she is singing a song proudly of her stinky feet. The other night she was sitting down, feet up, saying “come here mommy” so she could rub her stinky feet on me!  Ick!  But so funny!  It amazes me that she understands what stinky feet are, knows I want them nowhere near me, but thinks its hysterical when she tries to put them on me.  What a stinker!  HA HA



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