Wake Up Call

This entire week my daughter has been getting up at 4:15am, which is very early for her….not so early for me, but I would rather be woken up to my music alarm then my daughter crying and screaming “Mommy”.  It is an unnerving way to wake up.  I am not sure what is going on with her, she says she gets scared, but nothing has changed in her room. I bought an extra nightlight for her, but that has not helped her in the wee hours, in fact this morning she woke up at 3:45am, crying and screaming “Mommy!” Considering it is the weekend, I tried to coax her into lying back down with me in my bed, but was not successful.  In fact, she ended up crying, taking off all her clothes, screaming “Mommy” because I would not play with her.

My best friend has this saying “lose weight, get a date” and now I say, “keep off the weight, get a date!” Before Savanna arrived, I ran every morning before work, but now I only run on the weekends.  I at least try to walk our dog Montana during the week, after work (not as much working out as I would like).  This morning during our run, my daughter had her nerve to take a nap!  WTH??? She awakes at 3:45am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play and won’t let me lay back down, but then sleeps while I run!  Something is wrong with this picture!  Now we have a full day ahead of us, and I am sure she will nap in the car as I chauffer her around.  Again, something is wrong with this picture!



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