I am sure most parents can relate to this… a “pokey” toddler.

In college we had a girlfriend we nicknamed “pokey” because it took her so long to get ready, or to get out the door, or leave, or anything concerning time.  Savanna has now become “pokey”.  Everything is on her own time, and at her leisure.  I get up earlier than necessary to provide myself additional time for her “pokinesss” but lately, that additional time is not enough, and I am constantly ten minutes late.  Savanna just laughs when I call her “pokey” and in fact she exclaims “I’m pokey, Mom!” It gets frustrating when I am really in a hurry, but I have to laugh and remember she is learning new things, exploring, or simply does not understand the importance of time yet.

She learned how to peel the halo oranges and insists on peeling them herself, which on one hand I am happy that she has learned to do this and wants to do it, but in the morning, trying to get out the door… holding the garbage can up for her to meticulously peel the orange, drop it in the garbage can, then look in the garbage can, and repeat, until she is finished… makes me crazy.  I hold the garbage can open, with an enthusiastic smile, thinking to myself “if I was doing this, orange would be peeled, we would be done, she would be in her car seat and we would be on our way” instead, Savanna hums away while peeling the orange.

There is rarely a day that I don’t have an appointment, something I have to complete or someone I have to meet, so it is hard to slow down and just be.  I have to remind myself that Savanna has no idea what time daycare opens, what time mommy needs to be at work, what time we said we would pick Auntie up, or what time we were meeting Nana and Papa, so I have to take a deep breath and remember that she is learning and exploring and right now, that is the most important thing for her as a child.  Not only can I learn from Savanna; taking my time and exploring, but I think most people can learn this from children.



2 thoughts on “Pokey

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to think about nothing but peeling an orange and being so intrigued? This is a nice reminder to “slow down”. As she gets older you’ll still struggle with time but in age appropriate ways. It took until this year for Tatum to grasp rhe concept of time & stick to the schedule (most of the time). Haha


    1. It would be so nice to only think about peeling an orange or all the other things that kids are intrigued about. Heck I would love for more days without obligations and deadlines!
      You are not making me feel any better about her getting older and “getting it”. HA HA


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