Girly Girl

Even at the age of 3, my daughter is a total girly girl.  Everything is pink, purple, princesses and Barbie’s.  She wants “lips” (gloss on her lips) all the time; new color on her toe nails nightly (never realizing how long it takes mommy to paint her toe nails); matching princess panties and socks; and dresses…all the time!  Rain, snow, sleet or shine, she wants to wear dresses, but only dresses that spin.  That is because my girly girl loves to dance, so the dresses have to spin when she does.  It is truly the cutest thing…but a pain when it comes to her wardrobe.

At 3 years old, she argues with me about her clothes for school, which amazes me, because I think she has the cutest clothes, but if her shirt or skirt does not spin, then she won’t wear it; if her socks are not princesses, Anna or Elsa, or pink or purple, then she won’t wear them.  She even argues with me about her panties.  She does not like her grey or blue pants, and only wants her tennis shoes that light up when you walk.  HUH????  7 pairs of adorable shoes and she only wears the one pair that lights up.

I like that my daughter already has an opinion and likes what she likes, but I do see this being a sign of what is to come in my future.  I am pretty sure we will have to get up earlier in the morning to argue over her outfit and make it to school in time.  🙂

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