Like Mother Like Daughter

I have always had a crush on Enrique Iglesias, and last year I was fortunate enough to see him in concert. It was so good! He was energetic and lively, singing new songs and the oldies I loved…but best of all he was still hot!  Ha Ha

Recently, Enrique released a new single “Move to Miami” with Pitbull.  It is the kind of song that makes you move in your seat.  My daughter heard it and loved it!  Yesterday we were listening to it in the car and she was looking at the information on my playlist, which included a picture of Enrique.  Savanna asked “Mommy, is this the guy singing this song?” I replied, “yes it is” “Mommy, he is so handsome” I said, “I know, and I saw him in concert last year.” Savanna exclaimed “Oh my gosh mommy, that is the coolest thing!  You are so lucky!”  I agreed with her!

Like Mother, like daughter!  🙂


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