A couple years ago we started a tradition of a “staycation”.  Here in Arizona, the resorts cost quite a bit less in the summer, luring the locals to stay and partake in the resort fun.  In the past, we have gone with my girlfriend and her daughter, but this year they could not go.  Instead of my daughter and I missing out on what I want to be an annual tradition, I booked our staycation.

I picked my daughter up from school on Friday, with our bags packed and ready to go and surprised her by telling her our weekend plans.  She was besides herself with excitement and joy.  Priceless.

We checked in to the hotel and headed to our room.  My daughter was so complimentary, saying “mommy, this is such a nice room, so big…and this hotel is so beautiful!”  She was right though.  We unpacked our stuff, got settled in and headed to the main pool. We had not even put our stuff down on a lounge chair when a little girl came up to my daughter and asked her to play.  My worries of my daughter being bored went right out the window.  That evening consisted of dinner at the pool, swimming and playing until almost dark.  We headed to the room where we freshened up and started dance party!  We pulled up a couple benches close to the mirror so my daughter could see herself in the mirror and we danced for hours.  So much fun!  We finally fell into the luxurious bed and slept through the night.

The next morning we woke up and had a little breakfast, took our time getting ready and we headed to the pool.  The same little girl we met the night before was already there so my daughter started playing with her and I hung out with her parents chit chatting about our night.  Eventually the pool got more crowded and the resort brought out more things for kids to do like, arts and crafts; petting zoo; salsa challenge.  Definitely a kid friendly hotel.  Soon, we met other kids and their parents and continued to have a great time.

We had checked out and were planning on leaving…but we were having so much fun, I did check to see if there was availability to stay another night.  Unfortunately, the hotel was sold out.  It was late afternoon, our faces and bodies were sun kissed, so we headed home.  The entire ride home, my daughter recapped our time during the staycation.  Memories we will have for our lifetime.  Hence why I love this annual tradition!




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