Rock, Paper, Scissors

My daughter has started negotiating with me using the game, Rock Paper Scissors!  I’m sure most people believe I should not negotiate with a 5 year old, but sometimes you just have to entertain this behavior!

The other morning, my daughter asked for a waffle for breakfast, which I made for her.  She got distracted, the waffle got cold, and she no longer wanted it, after only eating a couple bites.  She asked if she could throw it away, in which I responded, “no, you need to eat some more.” She quickly said, “lets do rock, paper, scissors and if you win, I will eat some more waffle; if I win, then I can throw the waffle away.” Most parents would not negotiate or play this game of negotiation, but I like that my daughter is not just taking no for an answer, so I play….and I win!  She had to eat more waffle!  Ha Ha

The interesting thing is she ate more of the waffle without any argument, because I was not telling her she had to.  We played her game, and I won fair and square, which she appreciated and accepted.

Image result for rock paper scissors


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