Potty Training

Many of you mothers are either going through the struggle of potty training or you have mastered this milestone with your little one.

We have been working on this for awhile with some good days and some days where Savanna does not know the potty exists. Pooping on the potty is not something Savanna is a fan of.  She would rather stand off to the side alone and do her business, so when she does ask to poop in the potty, as some of you can relate, this makes me extremely happy!

Her potty is located in my bathroom and on this particular day Savanna wanted to be alone while she conducted her business.  I was out of the bathroom when I heard a very excited “Mommy, I did it…I poopied in the potty!”  I of course, run into the restroom where I come across a sight I never thought I would see…my daughter picking up her poop and our puppy Montana eating the poop in the potty that she had not picked up.  I wanted to die!

After cleaning up Savanna’s hands, butt, and the potty and telling her to never let Montana lick her face (after the sight of seeing him eat her poop), I envision the Clorox commercials with the little kids and their potty experiences, and assume I am not alone in this traumatic experience within the world of potty training!


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