Life is a gift!  Having kids reinforces that!  To see life through a child’s innocent eyes is amazing and awe inspiring.  We get older and take things for granted, forgetting some of the most simple things in life are the best things in life.  Savanna reminds me of this.

Savanna gets so excited when she puts on her own pants, socks and shoes.  We do a celebratory dance so that she knows this is a BIG DEAL; an accomplishment and something to be proud of.  When she puts the cap on the pen, puts away Montana’s toys, or folds her blanket, she exclaims “I did it!” and we high five, fist bump and I say “good job and thank you”.  They seem like such simple things to get excited about and to celebrate, but for her, these are firsts so they are a BIG deal and they should be celebrated.

That saying “Stop and Smell the Roses” comes to mind when Savanna and I are together. Although she can be impatient when she wants something, most of the time she is doing things in her own way, on her own time.  Her nickname is Pokey, because she pokes around, especially when I am in a hurry….but I realize, she is stopping and smelling the roses…taking her time to just be and see what is around…taking it all in.  Something us adults need to do more often, instead of getting caught up in the business of life.

We are supposed to teach our kids things, but if you actually pay attention, your child is teaching you things.  I know Savanna is teaching me things everyday…patience, more kindness, more giggles, more dancing, more swinging and playing, sweet taste of strawberries, and stopping and smelling the roses.



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