Morning Sunshine

Over the last couple weeks, something new has started with Savanna.  In the morning when I wake her up to get her ready for the day, she grunts at me.  Not a nice grunt…it is a “How dare you wake me up this early in the morning??” type of grunt.  This grunting goes on for quite awhile.  No other words come out of her mouth.  I talk to her and ask her questions, which probably irritates her more, because I AM a morning person.  Not at first when the alarm goes off, but after a couple sips of that delicious coffee, count me in…its going to be a good day kinda morning person!

Picture this, Savanna is still in her crib, laying there looking up at me (I don’t even want to think about what is going on in her head), as I stand over her.  This is a typical conversation between Savanna and I during this time:

Me: “Good morning sunshine, did you sleep good?”

Her: “Grunt”

Me: “Oh yeah, that is good”

Her: “Grunt, grunt!”

Me: “You want to get up and give us kisses and hugs”


Me: “Well we want to give you kisses and hugs”  “Especially Montana”

Her: “GRRRRRRRRUUUUUUNNNNTTTTT” with some kicking of the legs

Me: “How long should we wait here for those kisses and hugs?”

Her: “Grunt, Grunt, Grunt”

Me: “We need to get up and get dressed in your cute outfit.  Get to school.  You get to play with all of your friends.”


Me: “You want to get up and help me feed Montana”

Her: Pops up out of crib, “Yes, let’s feed Montana.”

And off we go to start our day.

“IF we were all meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters!”


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