Sorority Sisters

I went away to college and knew nobody, so I joined a sorority.  I have had more people than I can count say to me “so you bought your friends!”  I explain, even though I shouldn’t have to explain any of my choices in life; I did not buy my friends…as with any organization, you probably don’t like everyone in it and you connect only with the people you like; those that have similar interests and you get along with.  Those are the girls that became my friends in college and that I still call my friends years after college graduation.

We had so many firsts together in college and after.  Good and bad things that occurred, and we were there for eachother, with eachother.

Birthdays; encounters with cops; vacations; heartaches; all nighters; “shacking”; randoms;  dance parties; weddings; funerals; welcoming children; sickness; harships; tears; laughter (roll on the ground, cheeks hurt type of laughter); divorce; late night phone calls; drink to forget the crap you are going through; and drink to celebrate the thing you are going through….the list goes on…

When I look back at my college experience, I smile, knowing it was one of the best times of my life and it was because of this group of girls that it was the best time of my life!  So people can think, that being in a sorority you buy your friends, and I will let them think/believe that because I know what this group of girls has, cannot be bought.  I would not trade one minute for all that we went through together and I am so thankful we are all still in eachothers lives!


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