Qualified Candidates Apply

I remember my vision board had a very long list of what I wanted in a man.  It was a dream list of my perfect man.  My list may still be a dream, but it has definitely gotten shorter!  HA HA

·                     Honest ·         Loyal – I am the only one you want
·                     Kind and Caring ·         Respectful
·                     Hardworking ·         My best friend
·                     Physically attractive to me ·         Good in bed
·                     Smart ·         Dependable
·                     Sense of Humor ·         Fun
·                     Successful by his own meaning ·         Communicative
·                     Man’s Man- Can fix stuff (strong

mentally and physically)

·         Supportive – has my back
·                     Gets me and accepts me ·         Loves me and Savanna unconditionally
·                     Loves Dogs ·         Confident not cocky

Seems unattainable these days…so maybe the list should be:

  • Old enough to drink beer
  • Will buy me tampons if I run out
  • Knows how I like my coffee

Does that seem more attainable?  Qualified candidates apply!


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