Kids are entertained and amused by sounds, especially burps and farts.  Savanna laughs so hard when she farts.  She is a respectful lady though and does say “Excuse Me” after she farts or burps.  Savanna’s laughter is contagious and infectious, even if it is because of her farting.

Savanna and I were playing on the bed, tickling, and laughing and out of nowhere she says to me “Mommy, pull my finger!” I did not even think about it, so I pulled her finger, and she farted!  Then she laughed so hard, which made me laugh so hard.  With a little girl, I certainly was not expecting her to tell me to pull her finger.  I expect that from boys or even adult men, not my little girl. HA HA

The crazy, unexpected things that come out of kids mouths.  Priceless!


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