I adopted Bella from the AZ Humane Society 13 years ago. She and I went through a lot together (a rattlesnake bite that kept Bella in the ER Vet for 2 weeks, 5 different homes, 2 serious relationships (one my marriage), divorce and Savanna’s arrival) and Bella was not only the sweetest dog, but such a trooper through it all.  She passed away in December 2015…one of the hardest times in my life.  Bella was Savanna’s first word and she was Savanna’s best friend.

Savanna, Bella and I moved into our new home in December 2014.  We got situated fairly quickly and were very comfortable in our place.  At this time, Savanna was only 15 months old.  One night Savanna discovered Bella’s dog biscuits in the bottom of the pantry and decided to feed Bella.  It was so cute that I pulled out the phone and recorded it, not really knowing how this was going to go.  Savanna sat there giving Bella biscuit after biscuit and in between, giving one to Bella,  Savanna would keep one for herself and eat it, then go back to giving Bella a biscuit.  Bella was the happiest dog.  Mind you, I thought it was the cutest thing until I realized how many biscuits Bella had, so I put it to an end.   Still, one of my fondest memories of Savanna and Bella.

I made a decision early in 2015 to adopt another dog knowing that Bella’s time here was coming close to an end.  That is when I found Montana, the most rambunctious puppy ever!  Pretty sure he tormented Bella’s last few months, but as the sweetest dog, she just put up with him.  My decision was based on my daughter losing her best friend, being too young to understand where Bella went and not being able to understand how to fill that void.  Pictures of Bella come across the phone or are in picture frames where Savanna will see the pictures and exclaim “there is Bella, my Bella”, which will still bring tears to my eyes, but I am thankful Savanna remembers Bella and thankful that Montana is now here for Savanna.



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