Trying to potty train my daughter has been quite challenging.  At daycare, she seems to have no problem going potty in the toilet, but at home, it is an entirely different story.  Savanna has been telling me that she wants panties and I have been telling her not until she is potty trained.  We were at the store and I saw really cute panties and thought maybe giving her panties will help the potty training process along, so I bought them.

She LOVES these panties!  She carries them around, and holds on to them for dear life.  She wants to wear them all…at the same time because she can’t choose just one pair.  This is a big decision… which pair of panties to choose…back and forth, picking one then a different pair, asking if she can wear them all…such a hard decision she has to make (I am seeing into the future, when she has to pick an outfit to wear, or shoes for the outfit).  Since she is not potty trained, we settled on her wearing the panties over her pull up.  This makes her happy but truly defeats the purpose of the panties (I am hopeful though).

My best friend rarely wears panties, and my daughter wants to wear many panties.  I have to hope my daughter will want to continue to wear panties through her adult years (cute ones of course!) HA HA


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