Friends with Benefits (FWB), has been a discussion point a lot lately in my life.  Being single does not mean one still does not have needs or desires, so why not have those needs and desires fulfilled?  If you are able to find someone that you are attracted to, and have fun with, but are not interested in dating seriously, then why not be able to have your needs and desires met by a FWB?

I know a lot of people who have tried this and not many were successful with keeping it light, easy and fun.  Most of the time, one of the people involved ended up wanting more than just fun.  Once one person wants more, then FWB goes away and a decision is made to either date seriously, or end all contact.

Is it so bad to have a FWB, while waiting for my Mr. Right??  How great would it be to have someone to meet up with, have some drinks, laughs, then A LOT of fun, and then go about our lives until we meet up again?! Doesn’t sound so bad to me!


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