My daughter has a mini plastic Olaf.  Last night Montana got a hold of it and tore its head off and I assumed ate his head. My mom watches Savanna once a week and this morning after I left for work, she called me and told me my Savanna had something she wanted to tell me.  Savanna got on the phone and was so excited, exclaiming “Hola, Hola, Hola”.  Then “I love you mommy, see you later.”  My mom got back on the phone and said “she was so excited she wanted to call you”.  I responded with “you taught her to speak Spanish?”  My mom said “what”, to which I responded “all I heard Savanna say was Hola, which is Spanish.” My mom laughed and said “no, she was saying we found Olaf!” I bust out laughing so hard.  Apparently, they found Olaf’s head in the backyard and my daughter was so excited she wanted to tell me.  I couldn’t understand her on the phone and thought my mom had taught her to say hello in Spanish.  Ha Ha


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