The Storm

Tonight a storm came in. There was a chill in the air, the clouds rolled in, the rain was falling, the thunder struck and the lighting flashed.

This was the first storm we have sat and watched, so Savanna had questions. Thunder struck and she asked “what is that?”, I replied “thunder”, to which she replied “I want to see thunder”, so I had to explain how you don’t see thunder, only hear it.

We stood in the backyard and let the rain fall on us, and we watched the lighting.  Savanna exclaimed “lights!” and I just agreed.  It was innocent and easy.  Once it started raining harder, we moved under the patio and sat on the outdoor sofa, with our sweatshirts on and a blanket over our legs watching the storm.  It was peaceful and nice.  So nice to just be in the moment!


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