My daughters initials are “SAS”, so it should not surprise me that even at this young age, she is sassy.  The other night I noticed the sassiness seeping through.

Let me set the stage:

We are at my best friends house sitting in the living room catching up.  I set up Savanna’s snacks in another room, on a table low enough that she could reach them.  Savanna is in the living room with us when she says,  “Mommy, I want some snacks”, I tell her “they are in the other room on the table.”  She proceeds to roll her eyes, drop her head, let out a deep sigh, half way sink from a standing position toward the ground and say “ugghhh, no mommy you go get the snacks.”

In awe, watching her demeanor, I wanted to laugh because it was so dramatic, and hysterical,  but of course as the mother I am (not wanting her to act like a diva), I asked her “what was that look you gave me?” then “if you want snacks, you know where they are and you can get them yourself.” She slowly, not diva like at all, head down, arms dead by her side, slowly walked down the hall into the room and grabbed her snacks.

Now, I am noticing this sassiness in other things I ask her to do.  It is truly as if I am asking her to paint the entire house with a Q-tip or build Noah’s ark in less than 7 days.  This is going to be a lot of fun!


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