I love to run.  It is my Zen.  For me, it is instant gratification…running clothes, running shoes, hair up, music and go; no driving to the gym, or to a class; just get out and go.  It provides me an avenue to lose myself, to relieve stress, to find my happy place…most of the time.

There are other days where running is like having a large pimple in the middle of your chin…you want to pop it in hopes of making it smaller, but it will hurt and get messy, so you don’t really want to pop it (maybe not the best analogy, but nevertheless…) Some days when I run with Savanna in her stroller, there is nothing Zen about it and it more resembles that messy pimple.

Savanna will start to talk, and it sounds like she is talking to me, asking for something, so I will stop running, turn down my music to find out what she needs and…she was just talking to herself.  Savanna will not want what she is eating, want something else, so I will stop running, turn down my music to find out what she wants to snack on.  Savanna will want her water, so I will stop running, turn down my music and hand her water, and wait until she is done, because if I start to run, she will talk, telling me she is done with her water, where I will then have to stop running again to get her water.

As you see, there is a pattern here, where I stop running.  This starting and stopping is not Zen like, it does not help relieve my stress, or reach my happy place or reach that runner’s high.

The silver lining…I am at least outdoors running.


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