Today I was jotting down ideas for tonight’s blog.  I started writing about my weekend in Mexico…describing my trip when I received a picture from my girlfriend who has breast cancer.  The picture was of her with no hair.  Her husband and daughter shaved her head tonight.  I started crying.

She is smiling and telling our group of friends she “went a little Sinead.” Still a sense of humor.  Please don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of people who have battled cancer and beat it, and others not so lucky…this is my only close experience with cancer so it is all I personally know. To me, my friend is brave.  She is facing cancer, battling it, shaving her head, all with a smile and sense of humor.  She is my reminder about life… how to be positive when it is crappy, how to smile through it, laugh about it, and keep your sense of humor.


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