BIG Minute

Kids procrastinate and that is a known thing. My daughter is getting worse about doing things when asked the first time, promptly. When asked to do something, the most common response from kids/people is “in a minute”, my daughter, since she could utter her first few words says “in a minute, a BIG minute”.

I am not sure how long a big minute is, but it is definitely longer than a minute according to my daughter. This is her answer to everything these days. Me: “Savanna put away your toys.” Her: “In a minute, a big minute!” Me: “Savanna, it’s time to take a bath.” Her: “In a minute, a big minute.” Me: “Savanna, it’s time to go to bed.” Me: “In a minute, a big minute.”

Silently I chuckle, because it is quite humorous, but out loud, I say what most moms say, “no, right now!” Some days it is more of a battle, but most days I get my way and she does what I ask in a minute (a BIG minute). HA HA


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