Last week I went to Legoland with my soon to be three year old daughter Savanna, and my seventy something old parents.  For some people, this screams “Fun!” For others, it screams “pass the bottle of any type of alcohol!”

We left on our journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Carlsbad, California with my father driving, my mother in the passenger seat and my daughter and myself in the back seat.  A six hour drive with no music from the car, not much conversation except between Savanna and myself (my Dad can’t hear and refuses to wear a hearing aid), so already a barrel of fun!   We arrive at the Legoland hotel and Savanna immediately starts to play in the lobby with the legos and of course does not want to leave once we are able to check into our room, so I have to coerce her to come with us to our room.  The room was the adventure room, all decorated like Indiana Jones with animals and bugs (why would I want bugs in my hotel room?) The room has a king size bed, a bunk bed and a trundle bed under the bunk, so my plan was that my parents would sleep on the king and Savanna would sleep on the lower bunk and I would sleep on the trundle (or so I thought). We were all hungry so we made our way to one of the two restaurants and ordered drinks (yeah!) then dinner.  After we were finished, we headed to the lobby area so Savanna could play in the castle with all the legos.  That night we all slept in the beds as I planned, and we all slept pretty good.

Bright and early the next day, we had breakfast and made our way through Legoland.  This was an all day affair, but it was chalked full of fun!  That evening we ate at the other restaurant at the hotel which serves only a buffet (I am not a fan of buffets, but there was a huge variety so that was a plus for my Dad).  After dinner, we went to the room and all of us exhausted, got ready to relax and go to bed.  Savanna fell asleep fairly quickly in the bottom bunk, but a few hours later woke me up and told me she wanted to sleep on top of me.  HUH?  On top of me…not next to me??? So she crawled on top of my stomach and fell asleep (I wish I could say the same).  I was so uncomfortable, and I laid there for a long time hoping I would get so tired I would fall asleep, but that did not happen, so I eventually moved her off of me to the side, where she proceeded to take up over half that bed.  Even more uncomfortable, I moved to her bottom bunk (small twin size bed) and attempted to sleep.  Attempted is the key word.

The next day (exhausted) we got up, had breakfast at the buffet, then went to the Aquarium and back to Legoland.  Another fun, but long day.  After drinks in the lobby watching Savanna play, we made our way to the buffet dinner (again), then to the dance party, before we made our way up to our room to relax and get ready for bed.  Savanna wanted to relax with Nana and Papa on their bed, which she did for probably fifteen minutes before she fell asleep.  I carefully moved her to her bottom bunk and went back to relaxing myself.  A few hours later, the same routine of her laying on top of me ensued, I eventually moved to her bottom bunk and then eventually she moved to the bottom bunk to sleep with me.  Although this is super cute and snuggly, it is so not comfortable in a twin bed.

Another exhausted day started with the morning buffet and us getting the heck out of dodge!  The hotel was packed and although we had a blast, I was ready to not be around hundreds of kids and just be with my daughter, sleeping in our own beds!  Next family trip, we may need to re-think the sleeping arrangements.  🙂

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