This would be a typical night in the life of me:

My daughter has swim lessons during the week, which falls on the day that my mom takes care of her.  This makes it easy to get home from work, get myself ready and run out the door with her dressed in her swim attire.  My mom was not able to watch my daughter this day, so I picked her up from daycare with our swim attire in tow, and rushed to swim lessons.  We checked in and headed to the dressing room area to change when my daughter informs me she needs to go to the bathroom.  No problem, we can change in there, so we go to the bathroom, where she does her thing and then proceeds to tell me that she does not want her swim diaper on, she wants her regular diaper and she no longer wants to go to swim lessons.  I could have gotten frustrated, but instead I gave her a regular pull up diaper and proceeded to get myself ready for swim lessons (I accompany her in the pool for lessons).  Once she sees me in my swimsuit, she changes her mind and wants to get her swimsuit on.  YEAH!  We are both dressed and I realize I do not have a hair tie with me but I have one in my car, so I proceed to the public parking lot with my swimsuit on and towel wrapped around me carrying my daughter and swim bag.  Head back into the building and sit down to wait for our name to be called.  Savanna tells me she is hungry (in the swim bag, I have her water and snacks), so I give her a snack and her water when I realize her water has spilled in the bag, but luckily only got a towel wet, or so I thought….

We finish swim lessons, rinse off and head to the dressing room to change to then go to the store.  I take our clothes out of the swim bag and notice the water did not only spill on the towel, but on my shorts…and only on the butt and crotch of my shorts.  I am unable to wear them, so I put on my jeans, frustrated, but thinking this is typical for me.

We head to the store (big box store that I will not name) and start shopping for items on my list.  Two of the items I am unable to find, so after going up and down the aisles numerous times, finally find an associate to help me, but of course, they walk around the same aisles with no luck finding the items I need.  We proceed to the checkout and am feeling quite lucky that there is no one in line and we are helped right away.  I am ready to pay and I have a $50 visa gift card that I ask the associate to run, which she does (I think) and I have a $10 e card from said big box store, which I ask her how to run this and she has no idea, and informs me I need to go to customer service after the transaction is complete to have them tell me how to use the e card.  Hmmmm…how does going to customer service after completing the transaction help me use the $10 towards this current transaction, I think…but this has not been a pleasant experience, so I decide to forego asking her any more questions or requests and I check out using my credit card.

I then walk over to customer service to inquire about using the e card in the future and the customer service representative says she has no idea but will get a manager to help me.  A manager arrives and tells me the associate just needs to type the number in of the e card, that easy.  Hmmm…i think and say, “not that easy, since the associate that helped me had no idea how to do this, so maybe this needs to be communicated to all the associates…thank you.”  We start to walk to our car and I start thinking about the total of the transaction (thinking the final total was quite high after taking the $50 gift card off), so I pull out the receipt and see the $50 gift card was never used.  This associate never took off the $50 and did not know how to take off money from the e card that is specific to this box store.  I am even more frustrated and whisper under my breath, I am never coming back to this store again!  Well…only to use the $10 e card, if I can find an associate who knows how to to that.  HA HA



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