Just a Pretty Face??

I’m debating if my daughter is too young for pre-K due to her birthday.  I believe she is smart enough and ready to move to pre-K, but since she is my only child, I really do not have anything to compare her to.  When I dropped my daughter off at school, I asked her current teacher. This way, I get an unbiased, honest answer.

Her teacher said, “she is absolutely ready and she is so smart.”  Then she said “I have to tell you something though.”  A little worried, I said “ok.” Savanna’s teacher proceeded to tell me something that was a bit shocking and upsetting, she said “Savanna already knows she is pretty and she uses her looks to get by.” I replied “What do you mean?”  She proceeded to tell me that Savanna is smart but when called upon, in front of her friends, especially when the other kids do not know the answer, but Savanna does, Savanna gets coy and will spin around asking what everyone thinks of her dress, or twist her hair and tell everyone her hair is getting so long.  Once her teacher pulls her aside, away from the other kids, and asks Savanna the same question, Savanna answers immediately, enthusiastically, and correctly.

While this discussion was occurring between Savanna’s teacher and myself, Savanna was next to me holding on to my leg.  After Savanna’s teacher was finished telling me this, I looked at Savanna and asked her if this was true…her response was, tilting her head and batting her eyelashes at me.  LORD HELP ME!!!!


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