Date Me If You Want To Marry Someone Else

So I recently discovered that a man I dated for a about 6 months, got engaged to another woman less than 6 months after our breakup.  WTH???

Is it so easy for men to find women that want a serious relationship?  Is it so easy for men to move on from the woman they said they wanted to marry?  Is it so easy for men to fill the empty side of the bed?  Is it so easy for men…well, that’s it, is it SO easy for men???

I describe my “dating” adventures in this blog and “The First One” after my divorce, started dating a girl while we were dating and asked her to move in with him less than 6 months after I discovered she was in the picture.  The “Catch and Release” guy proposed to another girl less than a year after we went on our few dates. Now my most recent is engaged after less than 6 months of dating this girl.

Am I the only person that finds this crazy?  Am I the only one that wonders how it is so easy for a man to move on from such intense feelings, attraction and love for a woman to another woman?  Or…were my experiences with these men, not real?  Was what they were telling me, not true and now they have all found their true loves?

Moral to this story is: Men, if you want to marry or live with your true love, then date me because shortly after you will find your true love (and its not me).  Should I make this a bumper sticker? 🙂

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