With me being a single mom, and our busy life, I do not get to exercise as much as I should or would like to.  Sunday morning Savanna and I woke up early and I went for run with her.  She sits in her stroller, navigates the playlist (fun songs I can run to) and I push her while I run (as fast as I can without passing out).  I would say about a mile into the run, I say outoud “Whew this is tough!”, and my daughter, replies “I know!”  so I stop running and say “oh yeah, this is tough for you?” she says, “no, I know it is tough for you mommy, this is why you need to exercise more.”  I respond, “Oh I do, do I?” my precious 4 year old girl, says “yes mommy, if you exercise more, then this would not be so tough for you!”

From the mouth of a toddler, telling me something I already know!  Ha Ha

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