I Am So Cute!

Last night while my daughter and I were waiting for her gymnastics class to start, we were looking at pictures on my phone.  Pictures of Savanna, of course, started appearing.  Savanna stopped on one of the latest pictures of her from this weekend, and exclaimed “Mommy, I am so cute!”

This is definitely something I cannot argue with, but it made me laugh out loud how she had no modesty in her statement.  I am so thankful that my daughter has confidence and has no problem expressing what is on her mind!  I hope as she grows up, that confidence stays with her!  Everyone should be confident in their own skin, but I know it is not always that easy.  I could take a pointer or two from my daughter and her confidence, so that maybe next time I see a picture of myself, I will exclaim, “Damn, I look good! ”  Ha Ha

Image result for childs confidence quotes



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