New School Year

Savanna started a new school today. She was excited and nervous…i was proud and tearful!  We of course picked out a new dress and shoes, beautiful pink & purple lunch box in hand and took pictures in front of her new school.  She was so ready to get in there and get started!  That made me so happy!

Once we entered the classroom, her demeanor changed.  I saw her face go from excited  to apprehensive; her confident body language slump down and hold on to my leg; her enthusiasm turned to fear.  Savanna realized none of her old smells and sounds were in this classroom; none of her old friends were in this classroom;  none of her familiar artwork was in this classroom.  All of the comfort of her old school was replaced with a newness that she was not quite ready for.

This was my fear!  That moment of letting go, saying goodbye with excitement and smiles was not going to happen.  Instead it would be filled with tears, fear and pleading to not leave her side.

Then a cheerful voice exclaimed, “who wants to come with me to the playground?” The fear turned to thrill, she let go of my leg, with excitement in her voice, said “Goodbye mommy, I love you and I’ll see you later!” With a hug and kiss, just like that she was out the door starting her first day of Pre-K at her new school!

All of us parents stayed behind for orientation.  I listened to Savanna’s new teacher tell us about herself, her family, her experience; she described how the typical day would go; how Pre-K uses the same playground as Kindergarten (at different times); and how Pre-K goes to lunch earlier than everyone else, she said “its more like brunch but without the mimosas!”  We all laughed and one parent exclaimed, “mimosas, you have my attention!” Laughter ensued! I think at that moment all of us parents feeling trepidation of leaving our child at a new school, with a new teacher and new friends to make, finally felt at ease.

Today, really is an exciting day; we are beginning a new chapter in our lives!  Savanna will make “new” friends, learn “new” things, create “new” memories and share all of these “new”s with me! I am so thankful and grateful for that!

My daughter amazes me everyday and every night, I pray I am doing right by her!

Although my Peanut is growing up way too fast, she is growing into an amazing young lady! She is sweet, smart but sassy for sure!  I know this coming year will be wonderful for her and I cannot wait to see how much more she learns and grows!

“You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” Dr. Seuss


One thought on “New School Year

  1. What a very special day for both of you. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Way to be brave Savanna and I know you’ll meet lots of new friends.


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