A Set Up

A friend recently reached out to me asking if she could set me up with a guy she works with. She told me a little about him and sent me some pictures of him. Although I was not attracted to his pictures, I told her to give him my number and we would see what happens.

“The Guy” text me that very evening (seeming very interested). We text on and off for a couple of days and finally made a plan to meet the following week.
The next week came and went without “the guy” actually solidifying a plan or even saying a word again about us meeting. He continued to text much about nothing. “The guy” never asked me about my daughter (even though he knew I was a single mom) and started texting me like we had known each other for a long time (telling me how he was so exhausted, he was going to bed early or complaining to me about an incident at work). This may seem like nothing to most people, but to me, when you have not even met in person, the texting is like the first date…ask questions, get to know the person, seem interested, or try to reel me in…Geesh!
A week went by without hearing from “the guy”, until he text “haven’t heard from you in awhile, but wondering if you were still interested in meeting?” REALLY??? We had a plan to meet, or at least a day, that I was aware of, but “the guy” never actually followed through. I text him back, basically saying that. “The guys” response was “I guess there was a miscommunication, but even if we can meet for an hour, we can figure something out.” Unfortunately, the next couple weeks did not work for me, which I explained to “the guy”.
A month later, “the guy” text me, asking if I was interested in meeting him? By this point, I had forgotten about “the guy”. I read the text and thought, at what point did the dating world decide phone calls are no longer necessary??? Getting to know someone used to be talking on the phone for awhile, hearing their voice, asking and answering questions and then if that went well, solidifying a date, time and place to meet in person.
I seemingly forgot to text him back.
Last weekend, I saw my friend and she asked me what happened and why I never went out with “the guy,” or lately even text him back. I expressed my thoughts on the situation, in which she defended him, but in the end, I said “I’m just not interested in “the guy”, and he really did not seem interested in me”.
Well…low and behold, that following Monday, I receive a novel of a text from “the guy” pleading his case, since my friend decided to fill him in on our conversation. I read this novel a few times and thought to myself, why is it necessary for a grown man to receive feedback from a friend as to why we never met up, and then try to plead his case to me and ask me for a do-over? But all via text and never a phone call to have a voice to voice conversation? Again, I am sure to most people this may seem like nothing, but I did ask some of my female friends, who agree with me that once I communicated to “the guy” about missing our first meet up, that a phone call was warranted or even an apology, but all I received was a flippant text. For “a guy” who is telling my friend he is very interested in me, I never got that feeling.

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