Once the weather heats up, my daily breakfast is a smoothie.  The ingredients are: ice, frozen fruit, banana, vanilla yogurt, juice and a straw.  YUM! It’s a great way to start the morning.  Savanna now loves my smoothies, but calls them “snoothies”  It cracks me up!  The biggest decision she has to make about her snoothie is what color straw to put in her snoothie…but this is a big decision every morning (which by the way takes an exorbitant amount of time)!  Ha Ha

Savanna now wants a snoothie at night.  Mind you, she does not drink a full one, so we only make one in the morning… but I do not want one at night.  Explaining to a 2 year old that snoothies are morning drinks for me, is not that easy.  I have to look at it as it could be worse and she could want candy, so wanting a snoothie at night is not bad.  When Savanna says to me “Mommy, I want a snoothie”, with that smile of hers, I start blending away!


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