Band Boy

I recently went on a date with a guy I met who is in a band. We had some things in common…our age range, we enjoy a cold beer, and we each have a child…that is about the extent of it. Ha Ha

The date was fun though. He took me to see a really cool live band (one I had not heard of, and never would have ventured to see). We had a few drinks, noshed on some food, talked a lot and yada yada yada…

He lives in AZ part time for the band, travels for gigs and crashes in their studio (WTH??). He loves what he does, he feels blessed and fortunate to be able to do what he is doing, is passionate about it and although I can’t belittle his life, all I could think was how different we are.

I work Monday through Friday and have spreadsheets for my budget, I plan my trips (which are vacations) and I know when and how I am getting paid. He works whenever the band is hired to play, his trips are due to the band booking a gig in another state, and he has no idea when or how he is getting paid. I do believe in passion and following dreams, but I for one need stability and financial security, even more so now that I am a single mom.

He was a free spirit who reminded me of Peter Pan (never wanting to grow up). The world would be boring if everyone was like me (organized, methodical, planner) so it was nice to meet and hang out with a guy who was laid back, easy going, and fun (but nothing serious, because his lifestyle would stress me out!) HA HA


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