Overall, my daughter is pretty dang good. Daycare teachers love her and say she is one of their best behaved children; she is good with her grandparents; and her auntie. I believe she saves up her bad behavior for me.

I experienced the worst of the “terrible twos” last night. It’s all a blur to me, but I remember lots of yelling, crying, and flailing around (all on my daughter’s part). Savanna definitely has her moments, but they are moments, not hours or episodes. Last night was an entire episode and no fun! Savanna is smart, stubborn, determined, but impatient and does not like to hear no and won’t accept hearing no!

At first I tried to reason with her, explaining like an adult, why she needs to listen to me and how it will benefit her and I. That did not work. I tried to compromise and bargain with her. That did not work. I tried to ignore the yelling at me and telling me no. That did not work. I told her I am the parent! It sounded good in my head, but she just yelled at me “I am the parent!” I had so many things I wanted to say in response to that comment (you take care of the mortgage, you feed the dog, you make the dinner, etc) but I refrained. I realized I was getting nowhere, so I opted for her going to time out.

Each day I experience new things with Savanna…new words, new actions, new emotions and all I can continue to do is hope I handle it all ok. Some days are a struggle and last night was definitely a struggle, but at the end of the day, I do know I am the parent and she is the child and that is a boundary that needs to be defined (at least in my house).


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