I know kids mimic what their parents and siblings do and Savanna is no different.  I have already discussed a few things she has repeated after me or done because she saw me do it.  This weekend while we were in the pool, her and I were swimming and I got a cramp in my toes.  I told Savanna we needed to get back to the step so I could get some water because I had a cramp.  We made it to the step and I drank some water and rubbed my foot for a bit.  Once the cramp was gone, we started swimming again.  A little while later, Savanna says to me “mom I need to get some water, I have a cramp!”

She truly did not have a cramp and probably does not know what a cramp is, but once we were back at the steps, she proceeded to drink water and rub her foot.  It was so funny!




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