Don’t Put Your Hair Up

I have medium length, brown curly hair (Texas, big hair) that I put up a lot in the summer because it is so hot.  The past week, Savanna has been having major melt downs when I start to put my hair up.  I want to say it is because it is so beautiful, she wants to see it flowing over my shoulders (HA HA), but I hear it is a control thing.  These melt downs are so bad though; crying, screaming, throwing herself on the ground; telling me “don’t put your hair up!”

I hate to see her throw these types of tantrums.  I know I need to take a stand and let Savanna know this is my hair and if I want to put it up, I am going to put it up.  It just hurts me to see her get so upset about something like this.   The first time I experienced it, I gave in, because it seemed so traumatic.  This past weekend, I gave her a head’s up that I would be putting my hair up, allowing her time to process this information.  She still did not want me to do it, but I was able to communicate with her saying “we had this conversation, I told you I was going to put my hair up and you agreed, so you need to honor that agreement and be ok that I am putting my hair up.”  Her response was “ok”.

I hope this is not a sign for things to come….



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