One Click

I have a couple movies and Disney shows saved on my Kindle for Savanna to watch.  The other night, Savanna was watching Inside Out on the Kindle and I was ironically, child proofing the new Kindle Fire I bought when I no longer heard any noise from the Kindle.  I looked over and saw Savanna still sitting on the couch with the kindle, so I did not really think anything of the silence.  I then heard Savanna say “no, I don’t want Little Mermaid, I want Cinderella”.  I then heard two dings from my phone (e-mail notifications).  I asked Savanna what she was doing, and she told me she was going to watch Cinderella.  It dawned on me that Cinderella is not one of the movies downloaded on the Kindle, so I walked over and looked at the Kindle…

My almost 3 year old daughter, not only found the movie Little Mermaid and Cinderella, but she clicked “order” and “download”…so by the time I actually made my way to the Kindle, both the movies were purchased and downloading.  Are you kidding me????  I remembered the e-mail notifications and checked my phone seeing the following two messages “ order of The Little Mermaid” and “ order of Cinderella” both costing $16.28 each.

I couldn’t get mad at her, so I sat her on my lap, showed her the charges from the movies, and tried to explain money and ordering things without talking to me.  The talk seemed to go well.  HA HA


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