Painted Toes

About a month ago, my daughter came home and noticed the color of nail polish on my toes was different and she said “I want pink like mommy.” I thought about it and did not think any harm of giving her a pedicure so that night I painted her toe nails the same color pink I had on my toe nails.  She was so happy and was telling our dog Montana, “look Montana at my painted toes!” She wanted to call Nana and Auntie to tell them about her painted toes (this is what she calls a pedicure).

I don’t go to the nail salon as often as I would like, so I often give myself a pedicure, so I started incorporating my pedicure on a night I can give Savanna a pedicure.  This was fine until the next morning when she picked out a different color and told me she wanted different colored painted toes.  I had to explain to her the process of a pedicure and how long it takes to do and dry and that she was going to school and wearing closed toe shoes…etc.  How well do you think this explanation went over with a toddler?  HA HA



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