Fancy Dinner

This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at a local resort with a girlfriend, her daughter and my daughter…a girls only weekend.  I had a gift certificate to the “fancy” restaurant so we made reservations for Saturday evening.  Unfortunately, the only reservation available was 7:30pm.  For most people this is the perfect time slot for dinner, but not for an almost 3 year old who has been at the pool all day.

While getting ready, the girls snacked on cheese and crackers, played and laughed.  All seemed well.  Escorted to our table in the “fancy” restaurant, my daughter was smiles and still all seemed well.  Drinks were served…still all seemed well.  Then appetizers were served and something changed with my daughter.  The million dollar question I always have is “what changed”?  What happened to get her so upset; so frustrated; so irritable???  As most parents can relate to the toddler tantrum, we experienced it full blown in this “fancy” restaurant.

I did what any responsible parent would do; took my daughter to a quiet area to try to reason with her (I wanted us to enjoy this evening and this restaurant).  Reasoning did not work, so we did the next best thing; distracted her, by taking her to listen to the piano player (which worked until I took her back to the table).  This went on for a little while until I realized, my soon to be three year old had no intention of sitting at the white linen clothed  table, like a well behaved child noshing on a Cheese and Charcuterie plate.

I then did what any responsible parent would do and I left the restaurant, glass of nice red wine in hand and daughter by my side.  We walked back to the room where my girlfriend and her daughter arrived later with my dinner and dessert in a to go container.  That is a GOOD friend!

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