Kids Shopping Cart

I am not sure how many of you parents will be able to relate to this but here is my frustration.
The grocery store I shop at, recently remodeled and revamped their entire store. Its beautiful now! With this revamp came these fun kids shopping carts. They have a police car, a firefighter car, and a pink cart covered with flowers, which my daughter is crazy about! Sounds great right? NO!!!!
The problem is they only have about 6 of these carts. That is maddening when you show up on a Saturday with your toddler in tow, who has talked about the pink cart incessantly the entire ride to the grocery store, and you get there, and the carts are all being used. Very difficult to help a toddler understand that her favorite cart to sit in is not available. I along with other parents have gone to extremes, wandering around the parking lot looking for this pink cart. Moms have waited for me at my car to unload the cart, so their toddler can sit in the cart. This shows I am not the only parent that has a toddler that loves and wants these carts.
So my message to this beautiful grocery store is either get more kids shopping carts or get rid of them all together! You are not doing any of us parents a favor! Thank you.

Image result for dr kid cartoon fusey 27 shopping cart


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