There is something about children and farting.  They think it is the funniest thing when they fart.  My daughter is no different.  I have taught her manners though, so she does say excuse me after she farts, in between laughing her head off. The other night she was sitting next to me, farting, laughing, saying… Continue reading Farting


I am trying to teach my daughter, who is 3 1/2 years old, patience.  Savanna wants everything now, even if my hands are full, or I am in the middle of something else.  She does not understand and still wants whatever it is NOW.  I will say to Savanna, “you need to have patience.”  Teaching her patience… Continue reading Patience


With all the rain we received this winter, everything is in full bloom.  Beautiful yes, but not so great for allergies. Our dog Montana has allergies, yes our dog.  He gets red irritated skin and his paws itch.  Last night he was licking his itching paws…going to town, trying to soothe them and my daughter… Continue reading PAWS