Last week I went to Legoland with my soon to be three year old daughter Savanna, and my seventy something old parents.  For some people, this screams “Fun!” For others, it screams “pass the bottle of any type of alcohol!” We left on our journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Carlsbad, California with my father driving,… Continue reading Legoland


Fancy Dinner

This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at a local resort with a girlfriend, her daughter and my daughter…a girls only weekend.  I had a gift certificate to the “fancy” restaurant so we made reservations for Saturday evening.  Unfortunately, the only reservation available was 7:30pm.  For most people this is the perfect time slot for… Continue reading Fancy Dinner


Savanna has been to hotels in the valley and car trips to San Diego since she was a year old, but the vacation we just took to Minnesota had many firsts for her: First time in an airport waiting for a plane (very long wait due to the Southwest debacle with their computer glitch) First… Continue reading Vacation

One Click

I have a couple movies and Disney shows saved on my Kindle for Savanna to watch.  The other night, Savanna was watching Inside Out on the Kindle and I was ironically, child proofing the new Kindle Fire I bought when I no longer heard any noise from the Kindle.  I looked over and saw Savanna… Continue reading One Click


I know kids mimic what their parents and siblings do and Savanna is no different.  I have already discussed a few things she has repeated after me or done because she saw me do it.  This weekend while we were in the pool, her and I were swimming and I got a cramp in my toes.  I told Savanna we needed to… Continue reading Mimic